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These Gadgets Will Make Sure Your Mornings Start Off Healthy

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Eating healthy is a pain in the butt. There, we said it. But after a lot of hits and misses, here are—we can safely say—five gadgets which may just put you on the road to fitness that much faster.


Skip breakfast often, because you’re running late? This juicer should help. Just shove your veggies in, and voila, all your nutrients in one glass. Buy the cool Philips one, or check out this more affordable option.


Not only do steamers eliminate the need for butter and oil, it also cuts down on cooking time. Check out this multi-tier beauty, or this multi-purpose and versatile stainless steel option.

Portion Control Plates

Yes, very reminiscent of how we used to eat when we were children {even 80s kids will remember}. Serving sizes are so important, and plates like these make it easier to control how much you’re eating. Check out a whole bunch of options on Amazon here.

Food Scale

You can weigh anything on this, including fish, veggies and chicken, and ensure that you don’t over-eat. It may seem like an unnecessary expense, but when you need to eat exactly 180 grams of protein for lunch, you won’t be complaining.

You can buy this super-fancy one, or keep it simple with this.

Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Skip the Coke {sob} and make your own versions of flavoured water; cucumber is always a good place to start. Get this fancy BPA-free one here, or choose from a whole range of options here.


There’s also a pitcher, if that’s more your style.