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This Place In Galleria Is Selling Rolls That Are Probably The Best We've Had In A While

    DLF Phase - 4, Gurgaon


    Don’t disregard this place because of its size or location! Tucked away in the back at Galleria, the reason you need to take note of Rule the Rolls is because it tastes better than most brands in the business.

    Cuckoo For Kebabs

    Apart from how fast food like the interiors are, the tikkas and kebabs here are the real thing. All marinated and set up, they’re put over coals as you order them and the aroma only makes you hungrier. We suggest you don’t miss the not-so- usual ones like the Chicken Spicy Tikka, a pungent take on the basic chicken tikka, the Mutton Kakori which is super delicate and beautifully flavoured and the Batata Tikka which is their take on the humble potato tikki. Apart from these they have all the standard favourites! Especially the fish tikka and mutton seekh. Add a few roomali rotis on the side and make it a tikka party!

    And the maximum you would end up spending on a big meal here? Just INR 300 per head!

    We Be Rollin'

    All the tikkas and kebabs on the menu can be made into rolls and the bread they use is the standard roomali which is how it’s been for over 50 years! For something totally out of the ordinary we tried the fish tikka roomali rolls and they were the perfect meal for a nippy evening. We were told their hot sellers remain chicken tikka rolls, mutton tikka rolls and the good ‘ol paneer tikka roll.

    So, We're Saying...

    Don’t forget to finish with their famous saviya sheer!

      DLF Phase - 4, Gurgaon