LBB's Handy Guide To Gate-Crashing Weddings

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It’s a yearly occurrence; you prepare the whole year for wedding season to arrive, work hard at looking the best you can and scour lifestyle magazine for tips, only to find out that no one you know is getting married.
Now you can either shove all that excitement under the rug and go on like all that never happened, OR go crash a wedding. Assuming you’re like me and choose to go for the latter, you’d need some tips.

Wedding Crashing Is Serious Business

Crashing weddings might seem like a simple thing to do, but seasoned veterans of the art {wedterans, if you will} will tell you that it’s not the case. It takes planning, methodical thinking and, in some cases, wrestling a pet dog.

Know What Wedding To Crash

What do you see when you pass a random wedding on your way home from your boring-ass job? While amateurs would see a wedding they can potentially walk into and have a gala time at, those with an eye for this stuff would see the obstacles.

Knowing which ones you can crash and which ones will end up in you embarrassingly sprawled on the street outside with nothing but your shoes on {don’t even ask} takes years of practice.

Look The Part

I know it might sound ridiculous, but crashing a wedding can, at times, take longer to get ready for than your usual, invited-to weddings. Nothing gives away a wedding crasher faster than dressing up in pyjamas and a rather ridiculous-looking peacock hat {trust us}.

Dressing up is only a half of having a fun night of wedding-crashing, though; walking into the venue with confidence and looking like you belong is the other.

Know What You’re Talking About

Research might not sound like a big deal when it comes to crashing weddings, but any crasher worth their salt would tell you that knowing your stuff during conversations at a wedding you’re crashing is a skill acquired through consistent practice.

The research is a big part of it all: What are the names of the bride/groom? What’s your back story? When do they serve dinner? These are questions you might not be able to always answer accurately at first, but with enough practice and diligence, you’ll learn how to pick up clues from the environment and better protect your cover.

Got some crazy wedding crashing stories for us? Let us know!