Gender Equality FTW: This Government ID Proof Can Have Your Mother's Last Name Now!

Paloumi posted on 04 April

Delhi is soon going to be the first state that will allow you to write your mother’s name instead of your father’s in your driver’s license application. In an effort to break away from sexist, old practices in the legal system, the RTO’s initiative towards giving women an equal status as men is commendable. We hope other states soon follow suit.

Currently, you’re required to give your father’s name for your driver’s license or your husband’s, if you’re married. Now, your driver’s license can be issued with your mother’s name instead. A lot of people with mothers as their legal guardians, or for any other reason would prefer having their mother’s name on documents like their driver’s license. This is a healthy step towards gender equality, and we hear that the modifications in the current system should take a week be set in motion.

We first read about this news piece here.