Get your Achaar Fix with Pickles & More

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Realising that their mother made super-yummy achaar, that needed to be shared with the world, Sunakshi and Shweta {and Shweta’s husband, Gaurav} took matters into their own hands, packing and delivering bottles of home-made achaar and chutney across India.


Shweta & Sunakshi’s mother has been making pickles, chutneys, jams and jellies for the last 30 years. Having travelled and lived in various parts of India, each of the 44 pickles she makes deliciously caters to a broad range of textures and flavours.

Every ingredient used is meticulously handpicked and sourced {turmeric from Bihar, oil from Kolkata} in order to preserve the quality and purity of flavour. Oh, and only natural preservatives!

What should I buy?

If you want a nice chatpata kick, try the Nimbu Chutney, which we think goes great with regular dal-chawal, too. Otherwise, we at LBB are huge fans of the aam kaachar. However, we suggest you try the slightly quirkier achars: Baingan, mushroom, aloo mattar, and even olives & jalapeños! 

Not interesting enough? Check out the intriguing Bombay-style aam, all the south Indian pickles, Himachali Lungdoo and, if you’re really looking for that hit of spice, bhoot jolokia, the deadly ghost pepper of the north-east.

Where: They deliver to all major cities across India

Price: INR 250 {half a kg} – INR 350

Contact: +91 9873343637 or write to

Check out their Facebook page here.