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This Trekking Group Is Professional, Safe, And Feeds You Gulab Jamuns Everyday

    What Makes It Awesome

    Indiahikes is the country's largest trekking community, so basically they are pretty good at arranging some exhilarating treks. They do over a hundred hikes every year, so their guides and trek leaders are also experienced mountaineers.

    Rupin Pass was my first high-altitude trek with Indiahikes and it went great. This hike to 15,380 ft. in the Himachal Pradesh and return took 9 days, and was considerably a moderately-difficult trek.

    We were always guided while we hiked. They even taught us a few general tactics about trekking, tricks to easily ascend and descend on the snow, then proper usage of oxygen cylinders at high-altitude. I also personally liked the schedules and disciplines that they maintained while camping and trekking. They used to check the oxygen saturation level thrice-a-day. Indiahikes also carry significant first aid for any medical emergencies.

    But the best part of trekking with Indiahikes has to be their food. Starting with bed tea and breakfast, lunch, coffee and snacks, a delicious soup in the evening, and lastly dinner with desserts. {Crazy right!?} To celebrate the success of the hike, they distribute delish gulab jamuns, fruit pancakes and brownies during the closing ceremony to the the trekkers.

    What's My Pro Tip?

    Indiahikes maintains a tight discipline during trekking and camping, generally they start the trek at 8AM sharp and try to reach next campsite by noon to prepare camp and set up lunch. Smoking and drinking are prohibited at their campsites. They care for your stamina at such a high-altitude, so they urge you to not do it.

    Make sure you bring a lot of chocolates and biscuits for your trek, as these you you'll be needing it during your hike.

    Anything Else?

    They set up their campsites at beautiful locations, so that you get to enjoy the evening and the night alongside rivers. They also do a few fun activities that you can be a part of.

    They have started this initiative called the Green Trails to clean nature, which is that the guides and the trekkers use eco-bags to pick up and collect plastics and wrappers that they see while trekking.{Such a nice idea, kudos to these guys for keeping it clean!}