Your Everyday Spends Can Get You Closer To A Dream Vacation. Here’s How!

Abhijeet posted on 06 December

If you have finally broken out of the familial-cocoon and are managing your everyday affairs like a #boss, we have some good news. Responsible card holders and anyone else who finds themself in the shoes of Carrie Bradshaw {pun intended}, please take notice. We are going to take a gander at what your everyday spends look like. Let’s start with groceries, which regrettably is unavoidable, and then the occasional, and very welcome, shopping {both on and off line}. How about planning a movie with friends or finally getting around the long-awaited trip with bae or family? Oh, and the much-needed pampering session at your favourite spa. We are sure your hands are reaching out to your pockets already and taking out your card. Now, if we are to take a step further and say that you spend anywhere between 10K and 20K a month on your card on each of these activities, that will not be a shot in the dark, right? Here comes the good news, if you do spend a minimum of 10K each month on your card, you can get a FREE flight, guaranteed. How? Jet Airways/ JetPrivilege co-brand cards are the answer. See, all you have to do is chuck your old plastic and replace it with a swanky new Jet Airways/ JetPrivilege co-brand cards {with a bank of your choice} and you will earn JPMiles on every transaction. These JPMiles are basically free air miles which can be redeemed for a free flight, thereby getting you closer to a dream vacation. So basically, while you are spending, you are actually saving! Check out this website here by JetPrivilege that lets you compare different cards, find a card that lives up to your lifestyle and expectations, and even calculate the number of free flights you can get in a year! And, there is a High Flyer offer on Jet Airways ICICI Bank Sapphiro AMEX Credit Card  {get 50% discount on joining fee till December 31, 2017} that you should not miss, especially with the holiday season close enough! Check it out here! So, what are you waiting for fellas? Get more out of your daily spends by getting yourself one of these cards. Not a JetPrivilege member yet? YOU are missing out on some kickass offers. Enrol now! It’s free and takes less than 10 minutes. Ready to take off just yet? 

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