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Get These Eco-Friendly Sketchbooks @INR 550 For Friends Who Love Drawing

Rene posted on 6th December

Ten-Second Takeaway

We all have people in our lives who hoard everything art and craft. These sketchbooks from Chatur Chidiya made from upcycled materials are just the thing to give them for Christmas/birthday/just to say you love them.

Art Of Living

The many things at this e-store have their hearts in the right place. Not only are all the stationery supplies, home decor and garden accessories upcycled, they are also made by the specially-abled and people from the underprivileged communities.

No More Hidden Motifs

The tiny, hand-painted scooters, radios and flamingoes on the notebooks are peppy enough to put you in the mood to random doodle, even if you haven’t been a rockstar in your drawing class.

If your cart still feels empty after the sketchbook, these pencil tops with chidiyas and bookmarks are worth checking out.

We also discovered these pouches we’re currently aww-ing over {make up brushes needn’t lie in that free, but ugly, pouch any longer!} and then, how nice would it be to keep sugar for our morning coffee in these burnis?

So, We’re Saying…

If you can’t think of a person who’ll appreciate these beautiful gifts, don’t hesitate in getting them for yourself. Then discover the therapeutic power of drawing as you take to these after an upsetting break-up or a tiff with your PMS-ing bestie.

Chatur Chidiyaa

Gift Shops