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It's not often that you find the exact thing you were looking for, so it's amazing when you do. That's exactly how I felt when I found Knot Your Usual's page. A homegrown decor brand by Sachi Agarwal that does the most beautiful and unique floral arrangements and products. It's your one-stop-shop for artificial flower decor accessories that will help enhance your home experience and let your home do the talking for you

I've always enjoyed adding new elements to elevate the look of my room, so Knot Your Usual proved to be a gem. They even customized the flowers according to my room in teal and pink.
Can-Vase: The first thing that I got custom-made from them is the absolutely beautiful travel themed Can-vase. What's better than combining a painting of your choice with gorgeous flowers (which won't die!). The final product was absolutely perfect and it only set me back by Rs. 1300

P.s. Make sure you check the size beforehand and let them know because their default Can-vase size is relatively small.

Floral Letter Arrangement: We've all seen light board letters but have you seen a floral one! KYU does beautiful floral letter and guesses what? You can add lights to them as well! I got myself a "P" for Prageet and I haven't stopped looking at it. They use onboard for the base and arrange the flowers accordingly. You can even get the same done for your logo or other shapes. These make for great gifts as well! One letter cost Rs. 450 and you can add lights to it for another Rs. 200, I think it's a steal deal.

They also do other interesting decor arrangements and are always open to new challenges for customizations