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Bulgano Moringa Hot Chocolate

What Makes It Awesome?

Bulgano Hot Chocolate range is the ultimate indulgent range of chocolate drinks, created by Bulgano Master Chocolatiers. The speciality of this drink is Moringa which contains pure - natural cocoa solids, made from the finest Bulgano cocoa beans and the miracle moringa leaves from The Goodleaf - Karur, Tamil Nadu. If you are a cocoa lover, then you will find the texture of this drink as rich and creamy and the taste lingers in the mouth long after.

This full-bodied dark chocolate moringa super drink is not too intense, with bittersweet undertones of moringa, has a long-lasting flavour and rich aroma of cocoa. The best part is that it is nutrient-rich, high protein, vitamin and an antioxidant-rich vegan superfood with moringa and cocoa that has numerous health benefits for the body, mind, skin and hair.

Bulgano's range is an intricate blend of texture, taste and aroma. Find exciting flavours like French vanilla pudding, hazelnut truffle, dark chocolate, dark chocolate orange mousse and After dinner mint among several others. Nothing beats the experience of enjoying a soothing hot cuppa. This cuppa will engage your senses for sure.