Clean Eaters Rejoice! Getafix Cafe Is Finally Opening An Outlet In Gurgaon

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    Healthy cafe, Getafix, is opening its first outlet at Gurgaon’s Crosspoint Mall.

    Get A Fix Of Health

    Opened in Delhi’s GK-2 market about two years ago, Getafix’s food philosophy is wildly popular because it encourages guilt-free indulgence. To that end, their brightly-lit cafes in South Delhi and Noida{as well as their delivery service} have pizza on their menus but it’s as good-for-you as pizza can be {wholewheat bases, limited cheese but packed with flavour}.

    Treat yourself to bowl meals, pasta, cold-pressed juices, cake and all-day breakfast without worrying about overshooting your calories for the day.

    So, We're Saying...

    Getafix will fit in nicely, given how conscious Gurgaon’s foodies are. We don’t have a launch date yet, but watch this space for further details.

      Available Online