Although applicable for both sexes, we can’t help but open a fashion piece addressing all the ladies. For every girl who’s every shared the giddy pre-party feeling with her friends, you know there’s a certain joy in getting dressed with your posse {especially if you’re the same size}.

We know, we know, some of us are too old, jaded or lazy to replicate the tween enthusiasm of which skirt with which crop top, and subsequent squealing when we find a match, but we look for the advice anyway. Put down the selfies {so 2014}, Whatsapp images, and/or any other digital stylist you have established, and say hello to your virtual dressing room – the LimeRoad Scrapbook Tool!

Men, you might not squeal, make a production out of getting dressed with your crew or be on the look out for the perfect jeggings, but we know some fashion advice doesn’t hurt you. So, listen up.

Limeroad 2

What is it you ask? An easy, super fun and personal tool that allows you the chance to style, create and share your own looks. With a burgeoning portfolio of products, looks and accessories, sourcing isn’t something you need to worry about; all you have to do is click on create Scrapbook {right side of your screen}, select a template {oh hello magazine layouts}, and start browsing their range of products. As you see separates you like, drag and drop them into your template to create a look, save and go ahead and click share. If your look is successful, besides the appreciation from a supportive bunch of girlfriends {you’ll get that anyway}, you’ll get store credit. Your looks can be put on sale, and for every successful order of two or more products from your personally styled look, you earn INR 100 credit from the online store.

What are the odds? The current LimeRoad scrapbook community is at over 25,000 women and men, from 22 states and 138 cities from across the country, so unlike the Hunger Games, the odds are definitely in your favour. And any dress up party you’ve had so far, couldn’t possibly be as big.

Limeroad 3

We’ve tried it, and once you get past choosing the perfect template, since they’re all near perfect, it’s a whole lot of fun mixing and matching looks, finding shoes to match, and ending it with a bag that finishes the look. Think of it as your very own chance to express your style and creativity, put together an outfit, and share looks and thoughts with your posse, without having to make the trip to wherever is it they live.

It’s super easy and fun. Try it for yourself, click here to create a look.

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