It's Time To Go Green With This Brand's Sustainable Rugs Made Out Of Jute

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    Rugs have the power to single-handedly make the entire space look snug and beautiful. They compliment every other piece of furniture that's in the room. While on our weekly hunt for remarkable things, we came across this stunning Instagram brand, Gharghar which retails sustainable rugs - take our money already!

    Remember when as kids we used to build make-believe homes using old sheets and furniture? Well, this brand is built on the very same idea and the name Gharghar is proof of that. Based out of Jaipur, Gharghar is an online home decor brand that prides itself on making eco-friendly rugs entirely out of jute. And what we absolutely love about their rugs (apart from the fact that they're sustainable) is that they give a very rustic and organic look. They come in many different patterns and contemporary designs which just accentuates the entire space. Given the current state of our planet, most of us are moving towards sustainable and greener solutions at home - these rugs can be our conscious choice. We've already bookmarked our favourites and we'd suggest you do the same. Apart from these brilliant rugs, these guys also manufacture cushion covers, pouffes, wall-hangings and more. Their designs are heavily influenced by various architectural structures. Each of their products is handmade, adding to their uniqueness. 

    Their collection ranges from INR 1,000 to INR 20,000.

    What Could Be Better

    They're currently only selling their products on Instagram. We can't wait for them to launch their website so that we can navigate through their collection smoothly. 


    They ship across India, however, there might be certain delays due to the current situation. 
      Available Online