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Gharua Exaj

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Gharua Exaj For Assamese Thalis & Home-Style Pork Curry

Samcha posted on 09 November


Bamboo shoot chutney, Raja Mircha, sesame and everything Assamese authentic at Gharua Exaj, a little cafe in Amar Colony.

Thali So Tempting

When here try their Pork Curry and Rou Curry with Mustard Seed. {If you don’t like too much mustard in your food, you can just ask them to add less}.

If you want a more immersive option, we say just go for the Assamese thali; you can choose from chicken, fish, pork or duck {there’s also a veg option}. We know that thalis are supposed to have a lot more food than a normal plate, but one look at it told us we wouldn’t be able to finish it all.

Generous amounts of food were served on a copper plate, two kinds of vegetables, two kinds of dal, mashed potato chutney {aloo pitika}, fried eggplant and kheer {payoxh} for dessert.

Home Bound

The closest English translation of Gharua Exaj is ‘home-like food,’ and this place stays true to its name. It’s hard to find great and affordable traditional north-eastern food in Delhi, so this place is a real gem.

When you enter, it looks and feels like your grandmother’s living room back in Assam; it is small and filled with traditional handicrafts—from the food mat to the salt holder and the napkin stands.

Our only complaint? Notwithstanding the generous amount of variety they provide in a non veg thali, we felt that we could do with a little more than two pieces of meat in the curry.

Anything Else?

If you happen to be allergic to coriander, then its advisable to mention it to the staff. They tend to add it to all their non-vegetarian curries.

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Gharua Exaj

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locationLajpat Nagar - 4

D-28, Near M Cinemas, Amar Colony, Lajpat Nagar 4, New Delhi

Fast Food Restaurants

Gharua Exaj

locationLajpat Nagar - 4