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Do Yourself A Ghewar: Embark On A Trail To Find The Best Of This Monsoon Mithai

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Chaina Ram in Fatehpuri chowk is often touted as the best place to gorge on ghewar, the traditional monsoon sweet dish made with ingredients like all-purpose flour, sugar, milk and ghee. However, recently we discovered that Sonepat also has multiple shops selling some of the most delish ghewars you’ll ever try. In search of the best ghewar across Sonepat, we found these four shops that you absolutely cannot miss!

Shops Near Sonipat Bus Stand

One can find a number of ghewar shops lined next to each other near the Sonepat bus stand where some of the shops sell both jeans and ghewar at the same place {such is the popularity of the ghewar in Sonepat}. The rooftops at these shops are like  factories working in an assembly-line like production – one man pouring the batter of in a big kadhai filled with boiling ghee, another dipping it in sugar syrup producing ghewars by the kilos {probably tonnes}. I tried a small bite from the king-sized ghewar which seemed too sweet. Also, the quality and price is less compared to other shops in the area.

Also, stop by Triloki halwai for delectable barfi {which I liked better than the ghewar here}.

Sunder Mishtan Bhandar

Sunder Mishtan Bhandar in Bara Bazar, known for its quality sweets is tucked in the busy lanes of Sonepat. At the entrance, one man can be seen frying the ghewar, while another is adds the sugar syrup, mawa and then sprinkles a generous helping of dry fruits – mainly chironji, almonds and pistachios. This was the best ghewar I had in Sonepat that was fried to perfection. It was fresh, not too sweet {sugar was completely drained out of it} and was crisp and soft at the same time. The quality of mawa was also excellent, slightly grainy adding a nice texture to it. The almonds, chironji and pistachios were of better quality than the previous shops.

After a day of doing what I love best and stuffed to the throat, I returned home happily, carrying loads of ghewar with the belief that Sonipat should be hailed as a Ghewar district of Haryana.

This recommendation was first published on Delhi Food Walks.