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Tech Team, HR Or Marketing: Get Your Co-Workers Gifts That Show You Care


    From coffee breaks to, now, G-Chat pep talks, we’ve all got our go-to person at work we rely on to get us through the 9-5 grind (or that Zoom meeting that just won’t end.) But what about that co-worker you’d see Monday to Friday but aren’t sure about what to get them for a special present? We’re making things easy for you by rounding up some thoughtful gifts that show you care without spending your entire paycheck.

    For The Co-Worker With A Green Thumb

    Set of 2 Hexagonal Planter (White-Black)

    Set of 2 Hexagonal Planter (White-Black)


    You’ve seen their desk at office low-key covered with succulents but their home is high-key an indoor plant haven. Well, we say you feed that green obsession with a cute little planter they’ll love to add to their collection. 

    Visit here for some more indoor plants you can order.

    For The Co-Worker Who’s (Still) Dressing Up For Zoom Meetings

    Pearl Hoop Earrings

    Pearl Hoop Earrings


    While most of us are now showing up to video meetings wrapped in a blanket with hair that hasn’t been washed in 5 days, there’s still a few co-workers who are still putting on real clothes. These gorgeous pearl earrings will be visible on call and, well, you can never go wrong with a nice pair of hoops.

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    For The Co-Worker Turned Quarantine Chef

    Rimmed Side Plate

    Rimmed Side Plate


    This co-worker has pretty much cooked, baked, made every quarantine food trend from sourdough to dalgona coffee and they’ve obviously documented it all on Instagram so they’ll definitely appreciate these plates to up their foodgram skills.

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    For The Co-Worker Whose Pet Is Always In The Background

    You can expect approximately three “sorry”s from this co-worker for a dog barking at a shadow or a cat just meowing and walking across their laptop for no reason. This online pet store makes customisable pet accessories like collars, bandanas and bow ties that their fur baby would look totally adorable in.

    Know more here.

    For The Caffeine Addicted Co-Worker

    Original Cold Brew Coffee & Ceramic Mug (800g)


    Remember watching that co-worker down their fourth cup of coffee in 2 hours and wondering how they ever go to sleep with all that caffeine in them? Just get them some more coffee to sip on at home and they’ll stay awake and think of your lovely present. 

    Find more awesome coffee options here.

    Co-worker more of a chai drinker? Check out this list of tea blends. 

    For The Co-Worker Who Loves To Snack

    Ragi Non-Fried Assorted Snack Combo - Pack of 12

    Ragi Non-Fried Assorted Snack Combo - Pack of 12


    Does munching on snacks help your friend focus better at work? Well, send them these ragi snacks with a sweet, cheesy and masala variant so they’re sorted for every craving they could possibly have. 

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    For The Co-Worker Who’s Always Complaining About Their WiFi

    Mercusys MW300RE Wireless Repeater WiFi Booster

    If “could you repeat that?” “I didn’t catch that,” and “I can’t hear you” is all you get from your co-worker, well, it’s time you get them a wifi booster so they can get a much better signal at their work desk to make things smoother for them (and you.)

    For The Co-Worker Who’s Big On Self Care

    Combo Of 4 (Face Wash, Toner , Essential Oil & Lip Balm)

    Combo Of 4 (Face Wash, Toner , Essential Oil & Lip Balm)


    For those lucky co-workers who are on complete DND mode over the weekend practicing self care Sunday, send them this curated box with a face wash, toner, lip balm and essential oil in it that’s completely organic. 

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    For The Co-Worker Who’s Always In Charge Of Happy Hour

    Pack Of 12 (2 x 6 Flavour) - ( Mojito+Margarita+Cosmopolitan+Bloody Mary+Pina Colada+ Red Sangria)

    Pack Of 12 (2 x 6 Flavour) - ( Mojito+Margarita+Cosmopolitan+Bloody Mary+Pina Colada+ Red Sangria)


    The first one to start their Saturday night and the one who always takes the initiative to plan Zoom happy hours deserves a cocktail mix hamper with 6 different mixes like sangria, cosmopolitan, pina coladas and more.

    Check out this list of mixers they'll also love!

    For The Co-Worker Who’s Got To Write Everything Down

    Classic Stationery Kit

    Classic Stationery Kit


    Constantly scribbling and trying to keep track of everything going on, this co-worker is 80% sticky notes so they’ll definitely make a note to send you a thank you gift when you send them this stationery kit with a planner, paperclips and more.

    Find some more awesome online stationery stores here.

    For The Co-Worker Who's Literally Always Cold

    Woolen Blended Multicoloured Windowpane Checkered Scarf


    Always bundled up in the cosiest sweaters and blankets, this co-worker would complain about the AC temperature in office constantly and somehow still finds a way to complain about the cold at home. Hit a home run with a super chunky, super warm and actually cute scarf that they can wear all day long. 

    For The Co-Worker Who Loves All Things Sweet

    Vegan Brownie Mix


    You've seen them celebrate birthdays in office and way louder than everyone else because, well, there's cake. Their expertise in the kitchen, though, is not through the roof so get them a brownie pre-mix they really can't go wrong with. Or if they're a cake person, chocolate cake pre-mix it is. 

    But if you're still a little wary, these eggless fudge cookies and Belgian chocolate cookies are incredible.


    Now that you’ve shopped for your co-workers, if you’re looking for some more gifts for friends and family, check out this list featuring all kinds of gifts from flowers to quirky home decor!