What Can You Get One Of The Best Gift Givers? Let This Scorpio Gift Guide Help!


    Intuitive, mysterious, intense, passionate, observant, fiery, and even a little vindictive — don't you agree that Scorpios are enigmatic AF? No wonder when it comes to gifting your Scorpio friends, parents, or bae, you have to put in a lot of thought. Keeping in mind some insightful options, here's an awesome gifting guide for the Scorpios in your life, that will bring a smile on their face.

    Scorpio Zodiac Necklace From Tistabene

    Gold Plated Scorpio Zodiac Necklace


    Let's start with the cliches! Scorpios love minimalist and sleek designs. Why not gift them a sleek gold plated Scorpio zodiac sign lucky necklace from Tistabene. These necklaces are perfect for office wear as well as parties. Shop now and impress your friends with this classy gift.

    Agate Coasters From Stonewashed Studio

    Aquamarine Agate Coasters


    Scorpios are organised and meticulous people who like things just so. When hosting a party, nobody likes to see water rings on the table, especially Scorpios. Why not surprise them with a set of handcrafted Agate coasters that are super stylish from Stonewashed Studio? These are chic, classy, and perfect to hold your glasses. 

    Blazer From ABC Garments

    Men Lapel Collar Casual Viscose Blazer


    Scorpios have a thing for earthy and solid tan colours. Why not gift your Scorpio guy a smart blazer jacket? Check out the smart jacket and blazer collection from ABC Garments. The choice of gift resonates with the vibe of this water sign, ie, classic and chic. 

    Handmade Coffee Mugs From Amalfiee Ceramics

    Handmade Cool Blue Coffee Mug

    A daily dose of caffeine means a lot to Scorpios! Not to forget, their penchant for strong coffees. Hence buying a gift for a Scorpio is simple when it involves coffee. We love this set of mugs from Amalfiee Ceramics. Bonus, they are handmade and your artsy Scorpio bestie is sure to love that. Plus, the blue colour is perfect for them as they are a water sign!

    Maroon Floral Forever (Rewritable) Notebook With Pen From Cupik Design

    Maroon Floral Forever (Rewritable) Notebook With Pen

    Organised and super meticulous, Scorpios love to stay up to the mark. How about gifting them a rewritable notebook that they can save their ever-changing to-do list in? It comes with a pen and can be personalised. Thoughtful Scorpio will love the extra touch. 

    Soulful Spa Gift Set From Fizzy Fern

    Soulful Spa Gift Set

    Scorpios love to take care of themselves. A spa kit will make for a perfect gift for them! This one from Fizzy Fern comes with a body massage oil, hair oil, foot cream and face pack. A pampered Scorpio with plenty of me-time, is a happy one!

    Globe Book Ends From Conscious Co

    Globe Book Ends


    Scorpios are happy to spend time alone. And often, get completely immersed in what they are doing. And that includes reading, a way for inquisitive Scorpio to deepen their knowledge. Unsurprisingly, your book-loving Scorpio friend might appreciate this stylish bookend from Conscious Co, to keep their collection neatly organised.

    Pepper Infused In Wood Perfume From Naso Profumi

    Pepper Infused In Wood Perfume - 100ml


    Scorpios are sensual by nature. Warm, spicy fragrances suit their intense side well. This unisex perfume from Naso Profumi makes for an ideal gift for your Scorpio bestie. We know they're pretty magnetic already, but a little extra boost to amplify their sensual side never hurt a true Scorpio.

    Mystic World Cushion Cover From Iktaara

    Mystic World Cushion Cover


    Scorpios have a keen interest in all things mystical. Deeply intuitive, they aren't scared of the darker shades of being human, either. This gorgeous Mystic World Cushion Cover taps into their love for the mystical side of life and expresses this in an artful way that they're sure to appreciate.