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Budget Romance: Gifts For Her Under INR 500

Been trying to get your romance on for a while and don’t know what can you gift her? We’ve got you covered with a quick list of one of top recommendation to make her happy this Valentine’s Day. We say make her happy without burning a hole in your pocket (win-win).

Silver Beaded Crochet Hoops (Pearl)

The combination of hoops (which are delicate) and beaded crochet (which looks fuller) strikes the perfect balance with this pair of earrings. They have zari thread that twirling through the earring and have artificial pearl along with stainless steel and wire that makes it sturdy yet chic for her for various occasions (a big yes to your next date). 

Faux Leather Tasseled Solid Sling with Back Pocket

Your bae will be on point with her bag game with this cross-body bag. The bags will radiate energy of a fun girl that makes it a perfect fit for work to party wherever she might want to carry it. The bags look stylish yet is spacious for all her essentials.

Crystal Embellished Evil Eye Earrings

If you think that they are eyeing on your girl, then you need to bless her life with this. This can be your set of nazarbattu that will give you peace of mine while she makes a statement when she enters that room! So here’s to no more worries about pepping up her look when all you have to do is add a little Ferosh!

Women "Netflix Nutella & Naps" T-Shirt

If Netflix & Chill is your idea of a perfect date then set up a screen, gift her this T-shirt and see the widest grin on her face. With sizes available from X to 2 XL, the t-shirts are of seamless quality, super comfy (made with 100% cotton) and equally fun to wear when you are chilling with her.

Women Cool Blue Frill Peplum Top

Do you love it when your bae doesn’t try too hard because she is pretty as it is!? Well, this shade of cool, almost-white blue became big last year - and it's still major on the fashion scene. All this light, full-sleeve peplum top needs is to be paired with a pair of blue jeans and white sneakers (just the way you would like to see her on your dates).