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Fashionista To Artist: Fun Gifts Under INR 1,000 For Every Personality!

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There's literally nobody, nobody who despises presents but while the one's at the receiving end are all joyful and merry, those picking out a gift are nowhere close to those feelings! Thankfully, everybody can relate to being both these people, especially during Secret Santa season and that's where this list comes in handy. We've curated gifts (yes not just one gift) on a budget for different personas (because you sure as heaven don't know the person you are going to pick). So, bookmark this if you're the gift buyer or just hit the WhatsApp link to share and let your friends and family know what you'd like, mainly to those you suspect drew your name.

Coffee Crazies

Robusta Kaapi Royale Coffee - Espresso (200g)

Robusta Kaapi Royale Coffee - Espresso (200g)


We all know a coffee lover and their preferences all too well. But how often do you get them to love you more than coffee? That's right, close to never. This gift combination can change things. A Coffee Grinder, so they won't have to make a cuppa without you in mind and it'll help them create a brew just the way they like. Plus, throw in this pack of excellent Robusta Kaapi Royale Coffee from Bili Hu Coffees. You could also swap the coffee for a set of these handmade multicoloured ceramic Coffee Mug from an awesome local brand, Windglaze. They're vibrant, playful and just the right size (will help your bud control that caffeine intake). Click here for more coffee friend gift options and here for a uber Coffee Mug with Santa on it.

Price: INR 699 for the Plunger, INR 300 for Bili Hu Coffee and INR 550 for Coffee Mug.


Coasters - Colourful Mandala Pack | Set of 4

Coasters - Colourful Mandala Pack | Set of 4


If your person isn't team coffee, they're definitely team tea and team tea is always fun and fancy. Hence they totes deserve these colourful Mandala Coasters to sit their tea cups on. Calming tea and calming mandalas, the perfect duo, no? Don't stop at just this, because you can also get this eco-travel mug for them to take their beloved chai on the go. It comes in cute colours and prints. Finally, complete your tea goodie bag with a tin of exotic Kashmiri Kahwa Chai from the Herb Boutique. For more tea lover gifts, head here. We also have this on point Cutting Chai socks that your tea lover can cosy up with some chai in!

Price: INR 399 for a set of 4 Seedhi Jalebi Coasters, INR 299 for Freelance Eco Travel Mug and INR 300 for Kashmiri Kahwa Chai from the Herb Boutique.

Stationery Studs

Magnetic Bookmarks - Path Finders (Pack of 4)

Magnetic Bookmarks - Path Finders (Pack of 4)


The best thing about having a friend who adores stationery is the chance to spoil them rotten with all those choices out there! We are recommending these cool, quirky Magnetic Bookmarks by Seedhi Jalebi. One can use them to hang notes too, plus the qoutes on these are so relatable! Together with this, introduce them to the Get Busy Stationery Kit by this bomb Indie brand, Writenery. It comes with wooden pushpins, paper binders, metallic pen and to-do lists. Basically, a stationery lovers' paradise in a beautiful nature brown and dull gold colour scheme.

Price: INR 250 for Seedhi Jalebi Magnets and INR 850 for Writenery Stationery Kit.

Book Babies

Driftingwood W Shape Wall Mount Book Shelf Zigzag Wall Shelf - Rich Walnut Finish: Home & Kitchen

Stump your bibliophile bud with this kick-ass W shape Wall Mount Bookshelf that they can mount right above their bed, maybe? Their favourite books at arm's reach will make their year, trust us. To go with this whole set up of 'reading in bed', also buy them the 'Sleep Is Good, Books Are Better' and 'So Many Books, So Little Time' Magnetic Bookmarks from Inside Out Innovative Designs on Shop On LBB!

Price: INR 699 for the Bookshelf and INR 150 for each Bookmark.

Forward Fashionistas (Women)

Front High Slit Cold Shoulder Kurta

Front High Slit Cold Shoulder Kurta


Curating a look for a bud that takes their style seriously is tough as is, but worse when on a budget. Lucky for us, Shop On LBB has great quality clothing, that looks good and feels even better on the wallet (discounts, and more discounts). We've picked this Solid Olive Round Neck Maxi Dress simply because it looks classy and also gives your friend the liberty to style it up or down. Since we're getting this Western piece on a bargain, it only makes sense to throw in this Indie, Cold Shoulder Kurta with a high front slit, for that bold fashion statement. The colours on this kurta are striking yet subtle which means your friend can go ham with different kinds of accessories and lowers. If you're looking for a more Christmas worthy outfit to please your fashionista secret child there's isn't a better choice than this Red and White Polka Dot Ruffled Dress.

Price: INR 479 for the RIGO Dress and INR 499 for the Myshka Kurta.

Forward Fashionistas (Men)

Cut-Out Bow Tie

Cut-Out Bow Tie


For the boys, a versatile tee always cuts the deal. This Solid Square Neck Thumbhole T-Shirt in maroon can be worn under a jacket for a night out or on half pants with sneakers for the day. If your guy pal loves to accessorise add this charming Cut-Out Bow Tie in wood brown to your presents. It's stylish design will make a statement a regular bow tie wooden be able to match! If the man you're shopping for loves to accessorise with socks, get them this Gift Box of 6 Crew Socks! Psst, their's a Rudolph sock too!

Price: INR 419 for the RIGO tee and INR 395 for the Mensome Bowtie.

Serial Snackers

To Be Honest Assorted Pack - Pack of 6 Crunchies

To Be Honest Assorted Pack - Pack of 6 Crunchies


To please a serial snacker, chips in the route to take and if you're worried about their health, don't be! To Be Honest's crunchies are made with a 100% real veggies and 50% less oil. So, one, they're something new, two, they do not taste healthy whatsoever and three, but they're ten times healthier! This assorted pack comes with 6 different types of chips and they're 400gm packs each. Wowza! To add an element of surprise gift them this Shallow Dipping Bowls from Home Struck because you know they will need some salsa with all those many chips. If you wan to surprise them with something apt for the season, go for this decadent Hot Chocolate Mix or this pack of Brownie Mix, both vegan!

Price: INR 550 for TBH chips and INR 250 for the Home Struck Bowls.

Decor Devotees

Vibes Wall Art

Vibes Wall Art


Loved ones who love decorating are easy to please because, buy them anything and they will find a way to incorporate it into their existing setup. Yay! So we decided to get them a couple trendy pieces that will let their imagination go wild. Firstly, this gorgeous Blue-green Dreamcatcher that's detailed yet simple and a good size too. Then the Rainbow Positive Vibes framed wall art is too cute not to leave out and finally, we've been crushing hard on concrete, so we're adding these super cool glow in the dark, Concrete Magnets to our collection of gifts! For Christmas and Secret Santa, we have a whole list of choices, from Orange and Cinnamon Scented Candles to Star String lights!

Price: INR 300 for Inside Out Innovative Designs Dreamcatcher, INR 349 for IMI Studios Wall Frame and INR 500 for Elemental By Nanya Magnets.

Skincare Saints

Skincare Gift Set

Skincare Gift Set


Those who religiously follow skincare routines will definitely be stunned by some quality skincare goodies. If they're into clean beauty or want to transition into one, present them with this Skincare Gift Set By Nyassa, an Indie brand that advocates paraben, sulphate and other toxin-free skincare. This 6-piece kit comes with handmade soaps, lip balms, moisturiser and more. Another choice would be Anour Treat Yourself's Signature Hamper that comes with scrubs, body butters and lip balms. Check out this list for other non-toxic skincare products and put together your own kit!

Price: INR 825 for the Nyassa Kit and INR 900 for Anour Treat Yourself Hamper.