Find Mutton, Mozarella & 60 Other Kinds Of Momos At Giri Momos

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Giri Momos & Chinese Fast Food in Pitampura sells more than 60 varieties of momos like Mozzarella Cheese momo, Mushroom, Mutton, Paneer and so on. Saying that you’ll be spoiled for choice here is perhaps, an understatement.

Gotta Eat 'em All!

Giri Momo Centre in Pitampura’s ND market is not the most tidy of places but it certainly is one of those eateries that deliver in terms of flavour, quantity and is also value for money.

At Giri’s, each category of momos is prepared in more than 8 different ways like Afghani, Hot Garlic Sauce, Manchurian Momo, Fried Cocktail, Tandoori Cocktail, to name a few. We definitely recommend their Chicken Afghani Momo, Mozzarella Cheese Fried Momo {oozing with cheese btw} and Mutton/Paneer Tandoori Momo. Pack some for home too.

We’re kinda jealous of the Pitampura peeps because they have easy access to piping hot, crunchy and juicy momos and the sheer variety here makes us want to relocate.

So, We're Saying..

Maybe, try a new type of momo each week at Giri’s? It will take you more than a month but what a happy time {not really healthy} it will be!