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Girls! Hop, Skip and Jump to PDA for Professional Dance Attire

Kasturi posted on 12th August

Ten-Second Takeaway

Professional Dance Attire aka PDA does vividly hued dance wear that is comfortable, customisable and most of all, looks and feels good. Dance schools, say hello to bulk custom attire.

Once upon a time

It all began when Smita Taneja, a professionally trained dancer, started asking herself the dreaded question everyday, “What to wear to class today?” Since dance wear in India is almost nonexistent, and what little is available is of an inferior quality, Smita took it upon herself to come up with PDA, a venture that celebrates design and colour in dance wear.

What’s the gist?

PDA has been birthed after months of research on sampling, fabric sourcing and standardising a fit for the Indian market. Thus, the prime element is its quality and attention to detail. They have a variety of leotards, uni-tards, shorts and crop tops but are looking to eventually develop attire that will help improve performance in class and on stage. {All the while making dancers look like a dream, of course.} They use an extremely high performance fabric that is sweat resistant, chlorine resistant and UV protected, allowing you to be comfortable and also use your leotards as swimwear. {YAY!}

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one! They have a wide range of designs and colours, all of which are customisable, just so you can have that perfect leotard. Dance schools and performance groups have it a tad bit better, because PDA customises attire in bulk too. We absolutely love their LEO504 and customers are loving the ‘promo’. They have a cash on delivery and prepaid service, all over the country. This has us pirouetting in joy.

Where: Find them on Facebook here.

Price: INR 800 – INR 1800

Contact: 09717729112, Or email them at info@pda.dance


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