Give Pottery A Shot At This Beautiful Spot In Nehru Place

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What Did I Like?

First off, who would've thought that Nehru Place market would have a stunning pottery studio, in the middle of photocopy and printing shops?! The Clay Company is as inviting as it looks in pictures {above}, and pottery is most definitely one of the better ways to spend your weekend when you're sick of eating and drinking as a form of entertainment.

Started by Aparna Choudharie, TCC has a couple of courses to choose from, along with one-day classes which are what my friends and I opted for. The beginner's session lasts about 2.5 hours and includes a short tutorial about the basics of pottery, clay, and glazing, a short demo on centering your clay, working the wheel, and a 45-60min long free-wheeling by yourself on a potters wheel, under the guidance of Aparna and Ashok (another in-house potter). My friends and I made ourselves 2 jar-like-objects, and didn't break anything! #smallwins

I haven't attended any other pottery classes in town, apart from high-school classes, so I don't have much to compare TCC to. However, my friends and I LOVED our experience. Aparna is super warm and welcoming, the studio is so well done, and everything from the music (John Mayer, Train!) to the vibe and hospitality is splendid. The 2.5-hour-long class is just right - long enough so have you two shots at the potter's wheel, and short enough for a millennials attention span. The student to teacher ratio is excellent at 2:1, and we had ample help and guidance.

What's My Pro Tip?

Book in advance! Their weekend classes pack up pretty quickly. Also, wear clothes that you don't mind getting dirty. Take a few of your friends, and have a blast!

Anything Else?

Pottery isn't all fun and games - it reminds me of golf. You have to be super focused to not totally destroy what you're making. So keep that in mind!