This Spark(les) Joy! You've Got To Try This New Glitter Beer On Your Next Night Out

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Decode Airbar (former Decode Underground) just took the cool quotient up a notch by introducing Glitter Beer to their menu. We were as fascinated by the concept as you are...

This sparkly alcohol is definitely easy on the eyes, and we were glad to know that it’s a permanent addition to the menu (no FOMO in case you don’t get to try it right away). In case you’re worried about how safe it is for consumption, we made sure to ask about that too - the beer itself, is not brewed with glitter. It’s a food grade glitter which is perfectly edible, made of ingredients like sugar and maltodextrin and makes zero difference to the taste of the beer. 

We say, go ahead and take your time to stare at all the pretty fairy dust and sip away!