Flavoured Millet Mixes To Soft Cookies: Gluten-Free Snacks To Gorge On

    Who says healthy snacking can't be fun? This quarantine has got us doing all sorts of things - cooking, cleaning, binge-eating (yes, it's a thing). Our snack time has considerably become more frequent, now that we're home all the time. And that's precisely why we need to adopt a slightly healthier alternative for these mid-meal treats. It doesn't always have to be fried and full of harmful preservatives. Here's a list of gluten-free snacks that are highly nutritious and you won't feel guilty while overindulging in these. 

    Smoked Barbecue Chickpeas, EAT Anytime

    Smoked Barbecue Chickpeas

    Flavoured chickpeas, FTW! More often than not we crave something that's spicy and flavourful. EAT Anytime is a Mumbai-based food brand that only does gluten-free food, and their flavoured munchies are our personal favourite. Their flavoured chickpeas come in four different variants - Smoked BBQ, Jalapeno, Peri Peri and Lemon Achari. Each weighs 400 gm and are priced at INR 585. Sounds like a pretty good (and healthy) deal to us. Apart from this, you can also order a bunch of Energy Bars, Protein Cookies, Dryfruit Trailmixes, Millet Bars, and more. 

    Price: INR 300 onwards 

    Crispy Beetroot, To Be Honest Crunchies

    Crispy Beetroot Crunchies - Pack of 3

    Crispy Beetroot Crunchies - Pack of 3

    ₹ 330

    Let's be real, when have we ever liked beetroot (other than its gorgeous colour, of course)? This healthy yet savoury twist to beetroot is something we're rooting for, quite literally. Dashed with a pinch of Himalayan Rock Salt, this makes for a perfect snack. TBH Crunchies have plenty of other gluten-free, vacuum cooked snacks which come in the flavours like Crunchy Tomato with Mint, Golden Sweet Potato with Mint, Herbed Taro with Oregano and Basil, Spiced Okra with Coriander and more. They're available to shop here on LBB too!  

    Price: INR 55 onwards 

    Quinoa Glutenfree Fusilli Pasta, Healthy Alternatives

    Quinoa Glutenfree Fusilli Pasta

    This may not be exactly considered under the snack bracket, but sure counts. To take a break from our everyday meals, we feel like cooking something offbeat. Maybe, a nice portion of pasta? Healthy Alternatives does quite a few gluten-free, multigrain pastas - Spinach Fusili, Green Pea, Beetroot and more. You can also buy roasted seeds from this brand. They're available to shop on Nature's Basket. 

    Price: INR 175 onwards 

    Oats Cranberry Cookies, Nourish Organics

    Oats Cranberry Cookies

    Can never say no to some good 'ol cookies, can we? These Oats Cranberry cookies (INR 220) are heavenly with a touch of cinnamon, vanilla and oats. These would go extremely well with your daily cups of hot coffee (or tea). A packet of 130g is priced at INR 220. Nourish Organics also retails other cookies in the flavours Fig Amarnath, Almond Buckwheat and more. Also available to shop on Nature's Basket, this brand also has a pretty decent gluten-free section that you must check out before filling your carts with these wholesome cookies. 

    Price: INR 90 onwards 

    Multigrain Butter Cookies, Fidalgo

    Multigrain Butter Cookies

    Every household has that one tin box of cookies which eventually turns into a sewing kit. Coming to the point, Butter cookies always have a certain kind of childhood memory attached to it. The way it melts into your mouth is just divine. Shop for these healthier Multigrain Butter Cookies from Fidalgo and trust us, it'll take you down the memory lane. Completely gluten-free these cookies come in other options too like coconut, choco-chip and more. They're available to shop on Amazon. 

    Price: INR 100 onwards 

    Roasted Makhana, The Healthy Cravings Co

    Roasted snacks are amazing when it comes to munching while being glued to our screens. These roasted makhanas come sprinkled with Himalayan salt and pepper making it super crunchy and indulgent. We could literally OD on these. Roasted Jowar Puffs in Herbs & Sundried Tomatoes and other Indian spices are also one of their other snack variants. They're available to shop on LBB as well (hurray!)

    Price: INR 180 onwards  

    Chocolate & Orange Energy Bars, The Butternut Co

    Chocolate & Orange Energy Bars

    Who knew eating chocolates can also be healthy? Grab this uber-cool, sugar-free and super chocolaty energy bar that will help you with your sugar cravings. Made with dates, raisins, rolled oats and a whole bunch of other nutritious ingredients, these grab-on-the-go energy bars are free of any preservatives and other artificial sweeteners. The Butternut Co has these chocolaty delights in two other flavours - Peanut Butter & Berries and Almond Butter & Oats. You can also shop for dry fruits and plenty of flavoured spreads and jars of butter. 

    Price: INR 148 onwards 

    Cheese And Onion Millet Munch Mix, The Bread Company

    Cheese And Onion Millet Munch Mix

    There's no such thing as too much cheese. Get these crunchy snacks made entirely of ragi, seed nuts, rice flakes, almonds and other natural ingredients. You can get a jar of 120g for INR 150. Their millet mixes come in three other flavours. The Bread Company strictly deals with only organic food and has some wonderful options in gluten-free cookies too. We'd suggest grabbing onto their Keto Cocoa Fudge Cookies if you're on a Keto-friendly diet.  

    Price: INR 70 onwards