Go Kite Shopping At Lal Kuan This Independence Day

Aditya posted on 12th August

Ten-Second Takeaway

Independence Day is just not complete without colourful kites dotting the Delhi sky—and when it comes to scoring the best, there is no place better than Lal Kuan in Chandni Chowk.

Parade Of Colours

The moment you come out of the Chawri Bazaar metro station and head towards Lal Kuan, you can spot thousands of colourful kites just brightening up the entire lane.

From street stalls to large walk-in shops, almost every other shop in the lane sells a variety of kites, ranging between a price of 60 paise to  INR 300. The kites and manja are made here, but you will find some from Meerut, Moradabad, Jaipur and Gujarat. It is easy to spot Bollywood & Hollywood stars, eminent political personalities, and cartoons between all the colour and glitters versions that the shops have to offer.

Mini kites are also available for those who like to adorn their walls and windows with them on Independence Day.

Let It Rain

Some shops even make special kites for kite flying clubs and individual contestants at kite flying festivals. Manja too comes in different sizes and material, and you can place advance orders for one of their super-sized rolls that cost as much as INR 4,500.

The best part: Head here to pick up DIY material for making your own kites, flying lanterns and waterproof plastic kites.

So We’re Thinking…

Ruling the sky just doesn’t take skill, but also a great kite and manja set, and Lal Kuan is perfect for such a purchase. Whether it is individual sale or bulk offerings, these shops do it all, and at affordable rates.