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When You Go To Lansdowne, This Little Cafe Might Just Be The Highlight Of Your Trip


    We spent a weekend in Lansdowne and after the initial dismay at not finding the typical hill cafes that abound Himachal side, we did stumble upon a chill place that had equal doses of nostalgia and caffeine served ever-so-lovingly. Make sure you make {at least one} pit stop at Landsdowne Trip-Travel Cafe because it’s undoubtedly one of the best in the area. 

    For The Record {And More}

    When Delhi couple, Shipra and Amit, laid their eyes on this decrepit 100-year-old house {a mule shed to be precise}, they wanted to turn it into a cosy hangout for road trippers who loved a good chat over coffee and sandwiches.

    They slowly added colourful bean bags, an LP, vinyl records and even a rustic library to lend that quintessential retro feel {think The Beatles and even a printed original screenplay of Bollywood classics} and after months of collecting every keepsake they adored, they were ready to open the doors to every curious traveller.

    We went in search of food that wasn’t a tandoori paratha {their pasta and bruschetta were a godsend} and quaint ambience. Suffice to say, this gem surpassed our expectations on every parameter.

    Board Games, Comics & Maggi

    It’s not a run-off-the-mill Lansdowne cafe. Know why? Because it involves the local communities by the way of teaching them how to make waffles and nachos in the kitchen or in making souvenirs that lie in their small gift shop. The aim is to empower the residents of Devikhal and the couple is doing a great job at it.

    You can idle away hours here just playing Hindi songs of the yesteryears or engaging in a bloodthirsty game of Snakes & Ladders with your frenemies. If you’re a lone biker or a solo poet, play some Jimi Hendrix tracks or pick up that Champak or Outlook Traveller guide books that lie around. Also, try their cold coffee, Honey Ginger Tea and Salami Sandwich.

    Once you’re done stuffing your face, maybe you can explore a village trek behind the cafe that lets you walk by friendly doggies and green meadows – gotta burn those calories, folks.

    So, We're Saying...

    The cafe lets you sit your creative self down and write letters as well. Amit or Shipra then post the letters you write to your loved ones on your behalf {they’re ever ready to make a trip to the nearby post office to get it done}.