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#GoHereEatThis: Dahi Bhalle At Shahi Dahi Bhalla, Sarojini Nagar

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Even despite being surrounded by popular spots like Khandani Pakodevala and the Sarojini Nagar market, Shahi Dahi Bhalle, Sarojini Nagar, has quite successfully managed to carve out a name for itself as one of the most recognized joints in the city.

Bhalle Bhalle, Anyone?

You already know about it if you stay around or had your college nearby, but for the rest; there’s no reason you shouldn’t have already tried this. Their dahi bhalla {which happens to be the only item they have on offer} is the perfect example of what dahi bhallas are supposed to be like.

They always look like they’re in the process of melting in your plate, but never do so until you take a bite. Their dahi is quite different {and way better} from most of the chaat places in the city, too, giving it an almost unique flavour.


It’s essentially a small kiosk without any seating, though you can always find people parked in cars in front of it; enjoying a round of pakodas from Khandani followed by the dahi bhallas.

If you don’t feel like getting caught up in the jam in front of the shop, you can just get these packed and take them home, too; something we always do. However you do it, if you haven’t already, you need to taste this now!