#GoHereEatThis: Splendid Yoghurt At Chi Ni, The Roseate

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Chi Ni at The Roseate New Delhi boasts of a vast menu comprising quality Chinese food in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. We love their meats but it’s their Splendid Baked Yoghurt which has our hearts.

Eat What?

The Splendid Yoghurt is essentially creamy baked yogurt, which comes in a glass topped with a layer of berry coulis and mint; and in the summer, diced mangoes.

A paper-thin cracker balancing a dollop of sorbet balances prettily on top of the glass and you have to break through the cracker to reach the yogurt. Candied ginger and mango blend beautifully.

#LBBTip: Break the cracker but don’t eat all of it in one go. We personally loved scooping out spoonfuls with little bits of the cracker for that extra crunch.

Pair It With

Chances are you’re not going to make a trip to The Roseate just to eat dessert. So while you’re hanging around at Chi Ni, do try their Steamed Chilean Bass, Wasabi Prawns and Blanched Spinach. Every single thing is delish.


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