Got No Time For A Long Vacay? Head To This Camping & Picnic Site Just 16 Kms From Gurgaon


    Golden Creepers Farm Retreat is 15 acres of green paradise that’s a stone’s throw away from the Sultanpur Lake Bird Sanctuary. Know what this means? Lots of winged beauties, nature and downtime. Spend the night at their tents or land up for a day scene – they reopen in the first week of August.

    Add Yourself To The Cart

    Worried you might get bored because watching the stars and birds isn’t exactly your idea of a fun time? Well, it’s full of activities and we promise there won’t ever be a dull moment – the space is well-thought out to keep every age group and personality type in mind. It’s as appealing to a peace-seeking staycationer who’s running away from his boss as it is for a family that’s planning a quick, activity-filled holiday not too far from the city. Thanks to its proximity to the Sultanpur Sanctuary, it’s an ideal spot for birdwatchers too {just in case you decided to storm off in rage after reading that loaded with activities bit}.

    Apart from the yummy rajma chawal and parathas it serves, it lets you ride a tractor, play cricket, get on the Burma Bridge, paint matkas, learn to make lassis, take a mud bath, try archery and lots more. In fact, they even offer agricultural experiences for bigger groups where children can learn to till, plough, sow or tend to rabbits and chickens {more like pet them?} or try their hands at making dolls from gota sitara and using a charkha. Yes, it’s a pretty exciting farm we’d say.

    And Then Customise The Stay

    If you’re a big family/office gang, 15 of you can also pay INR 1,200 per head and opt for a barbecue and dinner scene. For an extra charge, they let you add a potter, a live musical performance and a tractor ride as well. In fact, they’re even open to letting you host a themed birthday party at INR 850 per child for a 10-5 day out.

    Truth be told though, we’d actually plan on a longish stay so we come back feeling super refreshed. We bet a lot of you would agree, right? Check out the stay options and costs here.