Healthy Desserts, Bread & More: This Cafe Is Finally Opening A Bakery

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The Good Food Café has some good news for all the fitness enthusiasts in North and North-West region of Delhi. They have been known for their fresh and nutritious food for 15 years and now they are opening their own bakery, which will allow them to introduce freshly baked in-house bread, with all kinds of healthy alternate grains, along with activated charcoal burger buns.

Working really hard and well with the consultant dietician, the bakery will even offer healthy desserts {mind you, it is not easy to produce those} on the menu for a guilt-free binge. Thank goodness for that.

The main café in itself is a heaven for the health conscious souls. The decor of this place makes you feel like you're sitting in the lap of nature in a garden surrounded by greenery ready to be served fresh, protein-rich, high fiber, low-cal, delicious food on wooden tables. The ambience itself is enough to make one go lily-white about overindulging.

The menu includes so many exciting options ranging from salads, that induce weight loss, muscle gain, and control diabetes; to immunity booster soups, protein meals, and detoxing, stress busting, high fiber juices. Their statement anti-pollution drink with fresh lime and activated charcoal is something everyone needs in this dusty, blazing heat.

The café also caters to gym parties at Chisel and Hype. They plan to collaborate with more fitness organisations and outlets at other locations in Delhi NCR.

You can place your order via Zomato or contact them at 9990499909 or 011- 40214545.

How Much Did It Cost?

INR 5,00 - INR 1,000