Gourmet Coffee, Peanut Butter, Or Hot Choco Fudge? PiccoLicko Is Now Serving In Vasant Vihar

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PiccoLicko serves sugar-coma inducing ice cream, the most decadent shakes, and sundaes worth drooling over. They just opened up their ice cream parlour in Vasant Vihar and a post dinner ice cream run sounds about right.

The Ice Cream Dream Team

You know those days when all you want to do is get cosy, switch on Netflix, and spend the night spoon-feeding yourself a bucket full of ice cream? PiccoLicko gets it. Their delicious ice cream flavours, served in colourful paper cups hit the sweet spot perfectly.

You can go for a 500ml tub if you’re in the mood for an ice cream party or a couple of scoops in the traditional crunchy cone. Their ice cream on a waffle with maple syrup is the ultimate concoction of all things sweet. PiccoLicko’s rich shakes come in a variety of flavours and we’re already warning you—you’ll be spoiled for choice.

The irresistible list of sundaes doesn’t help the confusion either. Do you go for the hearty Hot Chocolate Fudge or get your crunch on with the Nutty Buddy? Yep, you’re basically gonna have to get everything {make room in the backseat and your belly}.

So, We’re Saying…

Let your sweet-tooth adventures take you to PiccoLicko in Vasant Vihar for a sugary treat to your tastebuds. Consider your dessert scenes, hereby, sorted.

Price: INR 300 for two {approx.}