By Editors

We think the way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach. Man, woman or child. And if we’re making the effort to cook them a little something special, we’re going to have a moment of entitlement and have someone else take all other responsibility.

Chef’s Basket is first {and perhaps the only} in line. Set up by IIT alum, their main aim is to provide a fine-dining experience, where you have to play chef. So what will they do? Send you a recipe kit, complete with measured, authentic and separate ingredients, along with the actual recipe so you know exactly what to do with the kit. All kits arrive beautifully packaged in a mock picnic basket style design, where the cover tells you everything it comprises, in what quantities, prep time and how many people that particular kit is equipped to serve. Choose from Mexican, Italian and Thai cuisines, with each style having a set of recipes under it. We started with the Arrabbiata in Fusilli, where they took care of everything, right down to the olive oil and salt needed to actually cook it.

Love it when someone thinks of every, single detail. Someone needs to start propagating how that could be the new way to our hearts, with the stomach as transit.

Check out all their recipes, and order yourself a kit here.