Always Got The Munchies? Try Gourmet Medley's Low-Cal Snacks


Put away the munchies and take note – Gurgaon-based foodie Sanchita has created a line of healthy snacks, ‘Gourmet Medleys’ so you can snack guilt-free.

Kale Me Crazy

The worst part of going on a diet is a lack of delicious snacking options. Filling this very important gap, Sanchita’s line of baked spinach and beetroot chips, fudge and cookies is prepared without any additives, preservatives or artificial colours.

Which doesn’t sound the most fun, but take a leap of faith with these healthier alternatives to that big bag of Lays.

Reinvent Chip And Dip

I picked up a packet of spinach chips and baked mung dal crackers, to be dipped into some of her yogurt dip. The mung dal crackers are available in three flavours and there’s a pink beetroot variant to the spinach chips.

The yogurt dip and spinach chips were absolutely delicious and I’m going to be getting seconds, thirds and fourths of them. Pack them up for work to ward off the evil take-out options – they’re super filling and quite tasty.

If You Crave Something Meetha

Pick up some of Sanchita’s flax-seed nut fudge {made with almonds, walnuts and jaggery} or her millet and soya bean flour cookies. I found myself midnight-munching on the fudge and felt zero guilt.

You can check out her website and place your orders here. They deliver all over Delhi and Gurgaon, but might charge a delivery fee depending on the distance.