Gourmet Salt And Sugar Delivered Home From Artisan Palate

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    Noida-based Artisan Palate produces organic Natural Italian Herbs & Aged Balsamic Himalayan Pink Salt, Espresso and Dark Chocolate Demerara Sugar, vanilla pods and more healthy {and tasty} stuff and delivers it to your doorstep.

    Quite A Sweet Surprise

    For those who love awesomesauce ingredients, this spells a ray of hope in the kitchen. Devilled eggs and bruschetta get an amazing makeover with a dash of the All Natural Italian Herbs and Aged Balsamic Himalayan Pink Salt. Similarly, your newbie cookies can enjoy a refreshing facelift with the All Natural Citrus and Mint Demerara Sugar.

    Bored of your daily bread? All you need is layer of the All Natural Cinnamon and Vanilla Demerara Sugar: Caramel-y, sweet-smelling gourmet bread, ta daa!

    Channel That Pickled Masterchef

    Not all of us wield the same power over kitchen knives, but you can get a helping hand with the All Natural Onion Garlic Chilli Pepper Himalayan Pink Salt and/or the All Natural Vanilla Demerara Sugar that are also part of the collection.

    These chemical-free and mineral-rich salts and sugars come in handsome mason jars that can double up to store all and sundry when the supplies are over.

    Also there for your taking: Boasting rights in the form of “humne tumhara {artisanal} namak khaya hai”.

      Available Online