Dress Up Your Room With These Gorgeous Tassel & Lace Lights From IDAM

    Available Online

    What Makes It Awesome

    IDAM plays around with patterns and translates textures from their surroundings and experiences onto textiles. Quite experimental and good use of surface techniques. Their fabric and quality are pretty decent too. One of my favourite products is their hand-crafted fairy lights. Though they're always sold out of these, IDAM's lights are the perfect accessory to dress up a plain, boring wall, or brighten up a study area.

    What's My Pro Tip

    Watch out for their stuff because they're slowly increasing their product range and moving into accessories as well. I love their toran lights {pictured}!

    Anything Else

    They retail online and do participate in exhibitions every now and then; they're also selling a limited edition set of lights on LBB!

    BUY NOW: { https://specials.lbb.in/product/index/23 }.
      Available Online