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The 2 Newest Cafes To Hit Up In Shahpur Jat

    Shahpur Jat hits us with a bunch of new boutiques every time we go, but the cafe scene isn’t moving at quite the same pace. However, our most recent visit unveiled some new finds. From momo to pizza to watermelon coolers, here are some cafes you can pig out at when you’re taking a break from all the lehenga shopping.

    GreenR Store & Cafe

    Greenr Cafe

    Shahpur Jat, Delhi

    The ground floor houses the most beautiful accessories by brands like Dhora, Esha Zaveri and Nimai. The first floor {you have to climb a steep iron staircase} is a surprisingly large space, with a high ceiling. The overall look is grungy, done up in metal chairs, pots and plants and warm rugs. There’s no better way to describe this than hipster.

    The menu is a mix of vegan and vegetarian food such as grapes and blue cheese sandwiches, and sweet potato croquettes. For your caffeine fix, they’re offering coffee from Blue Tokai. Don’t leave without trying the PiccoLicko gelato; we liked the strawberry cheesecake one.

    PS: This is also a co-working space, so you might want to bring your laptop along and click clack all day in peace.

    Remember Me Cafe

    Remember Me Cafe

    Shahpur Jat, Delhi

    We’re beginning to think there’s a common community in charge of naming the cafes at Shahpur Jat. We only peeped in here out of curiosity {it’s opening soon} but were dumbstruck by the sheer beauty of the place. Starting from the detailed tiled floor, the large bay windows, the painted blue wood furniture and the blue glass bottles, to the cage pendant lamps embellished with flowers and bright yellow chandeliers, every little corner belongs on your Instagram.

    The menu looks promising too: Think Mediterranean, Italian with a smattering of Indian thrown in.

    PS: In case you haven’t checked out Puppychino at SPJ yet, it might be worth planning a visit with your pooch. Aaand, we also saw a board for Fashion Street Cafe {marked with a large blue cycle on glass} but we have no idea what this is about yet- we will tell you as soon as we do.