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Greenr Pastures For All Vegans Visiting Shahpur Jat

Editors posted on 20 September


Words by: Suchita

Ten-Second Takeaway

Vegan? Lactose intolerant? An organic-lover foodie who loves haute cuisine? You’ll find ample options for a great eating-out experience at Greenr.

Glu{ten} On Ten

For those in search of artisanal and organic food, Greenr is a little slice of paradise in an otherwise rusty {and dusty} Shahpur Jat. Because it’s impossible to survive on sparkly designer baubles you just picked up, you might want to feed your tired self at this café situated very close to Jungi House.

We also love how they’re so appreciative of those with food allergies by dishing out food that actually tastes good. Plus, there’s free wifi and good coffee.

Pizzas For The Calorie-Conscious

Greenr’s menu features local brands that celebrate mindful living {yay}. They also have an awesome selection of pizzas, salads, wraps, sandwiches, starters and desserts that are surprisingly healthy and pleasantly delicious.

I personally love their wraps including the one with homemade tofu and potato. Given that their menu’s been curated by the ace-of-base caterers at Holy-Belly, you can be assured that everything here is delicious, mindful and delightful.

Drink hot coffee from Blue Tokai or sip on a cold brew from Sleepy Owl; both are cult favourites here. If you’d like to take the path less travelled, pick the delicate teas from No. 3 Clive Road. Finally, end a lazy afternoon with a gelato.

All The Ingredients For Success

I think Greenr checks off all the boxes. I’d hope a cafe ought to have a thoughtful menu, great coffee and tea, ambience that wows, free wifi, and friendly service, and am happy to report that this find doesn’t disappoint on any of the above counts. It’s also situated right above one of my favourite jewellery stores in Shahpur Jat, Nimai.

I’d recommend Greenr to shop, drink {coffee}, work {with wifi} and repeat.


Parking in SPJ sucks. Especially on weekdays. So, unless you work/stay close to the village, make a trip to Greenr {tucked into an inner lane of SPJ} on the weekend. It’s also an excellent place to work out of.

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Greenr Cafe

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locationShahpur Jat

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Greenr Cafe

locationShahpur Jat