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Your Little Black Book for Lodhi Road

    A treasure chest, Lodhi Road has something to cater to every palate. Whether you’re in the mood to shop, eat, read, or just vegetate, this entire strip of the capital has you covered! Staying true to the old school charm of {almost} Central Delhi, Lodhi Road {by which we also mean Meher Chand Market and Lodhi Colony Market}, Lodhi Road manages to play to the quaint, semi-vintage visuals, all the while giving every sensory organ a sanctuary. Devour rolls of Sushi, hop over to a French film screening and end the day with a cuppa, overlooking the expanse of the city.

    Download the LBBD Lodhi Guide map here!


    Lodhi Gardens 

    Host to yoga sessions, curated walks, couples, and migratory birds. An ideal area for a solid workout, outdoor yoga or just a little clandestine nooky {you didn’t hear it here}.

    Safdarjung Tomb

    This garden tomb was built by Mughal emperor Mohammed Shah for his Prime Minister, the Viceroy of Awadh. There is also a Madarsa on the premises, and The Archaeological Survey of India maintains a library over the main gateway.

    Humayun’s Tomb 

     Apart from the remains of Humanyun and his wife Bega Begum, the tomb also has the grave of Dara Shikoh, the son of Shah Jahan, and other late Mughal emperors. Peacocks, beautifully lit fountains and manicured lawns make it a photographic paradise.

    Nizamuddin Dargah 

    Narrow alleyways, hole in the wall restaurants and stores, and a labyrinth of alleys lead you to the gates of the dargah of Hazrat Nizamuddin. We recommend a Thursday night visit, so you can enjoy the Qawwali sessions.

    The Tomb of Najaf Khan

    Mirza Najaf Khan was the Commander In Chief of the Army of the Mughal Empire during the reign of Shah Alam II.

    Where: Opposite Safdarjung Airport, on the eastern side of the Delhi-Mehrauli Road {near Safdarjung’s tomb}.

    Check this out for directions.


    Lodi - The Garden Restaurant 

    Located in the actual lawns of Lodhi Gardens, the restaurant boasts an extensive wine list, and Mediterranean food. This is our pick for one of the best alfresco restaurants in the city. They also host gigs, stand-up nights and theatre events.

    Where: Opposite Mausam Bhawan, Near Gate No 1, Lodhi Road

     Price: INR 2,500 for two {approx.}

    Garden Chef

    A Chinese joint operating out of a van; an Indian take on food carts.

    Where: Opposite Lodhi Road Post Office, Lodhi Road

    Contact: 011 24624030

    Price: INR 350 for two {approx.}

    All American Diner

    Drop in for decadent milkshakes, pancakes, waffles and all American diner food. Though service is not as quick as it used to be, it remains a Delhi favorite for elaborate breakfasts.

    Where: India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road

    Price: INR 1,000 for two {approx.}


    This bakery has desserts, fast food and other Indian bakery favourites. Drop in for some of the best Rasgullas.

    Where: 96, Meher Chand Market, Lodhi Colony

    Contact: 011 65065404, 9212556216

    Price: INR 100 for 2 {approx.}

    IIC Café {members only}

    If you are a member and are looking for a quiet, simple lunch, this should be on your list. Also, they play host to a lot of important political people.

    Where: 40, Max Mueller Marg, Lodhi Estate

    Price: INR 400 for two {approx.}

    Sugar Blossoms 

    Meher Chand Market’s bespoke dessert destination! From cupcakes in innovative flavors, to cake pops, and customized cakes, Sugar Blossoms has got plenty to choose from.

    Where: 132, Meher Chand Market

    Price: INR 400 for two {approx.}


    One of our first brushes with the food court concept, Eatopia features an array of cuisines {Indian, Italian, Thai}, shared in an almost communal dining space.

    Where: Habitat Center, Lodhi Road

    Price: INR 450-600 for two {approx.}

    Alliance Café

    The in-house café at Alliance Francaise is more of a fast-food joint, with the staple sandwiches, burgers and milkshakes. Budget friendly, their outdoor seating is gorgeous on a pleasant day.

    Where: Alliance Francaise, KK Birla Marg, Lodhi Estate

    Price: INR 250-400 for two {approx.}

    Elma’s Brasserie 

    With an extensive menu that goes beyond desserts and sandwiches, it's our pick for a hearty breakfast enjoyed in a vintage setting.

    Where: 73, Meher Chand Market

    Price: INR 1,200 for two {approx.}


    Similar to Steakhouse, incase the name didn’t give it away, they retail some of the best pork in town.

    Where: 9, Jor Bagh Market

    Contact: 011 24611723

    New Madras Hotel 

    A budget joint tucked away in Khanna Market, this 60 year old establishment offers delectable South Indian food. Try the 3-in-1 Idli and the Mysore Masala Dosa.

    Where: 7, Khanna Market, Lodhi Road

    Price: INR 300 for two {approx.}


    They have a range of fresh cheese, meats, condiments and seasoning for every need. If you’re looking for an exotic ingredient or a hard to find meat, Steakhouse is your best bet.

    Where: 13/8, Jor Bagh Market

    Price: Depends on what you buy



    Chef Julia Desa and Chef Jatin Mallick come together to create Delhi’s most coveted destination for European & Continental cuisine. Must try – trio of croquettes, anything seafood {always fresh and beautifully seasoned}, and the champagne risotto.

    Where: 17, Main Market, Lodhi Colony

    Price: INR 2,000 for two {approx.}

    Mittal Tea House

    They have an excellent collection of some of the finest teas, and if you’re in luck, the owner will be available to give you all the tea info you’ll ever need.

    Where: 8A, Lodhi Colony Market

    Contact: 011 24615709

    MI Food Center

    In the market for over 50 years, their trademark Chicken Tikka is one of the best in town! Read more about them here.

    Where: 43, Meher Chand Market

    Price: INR 200 for two {approx.}

    Guppy by Ai 

    AD Singh brings Asian and Japanese food to the heart of the city. The Signature Black Cod, Pork Belly and Chashu Ramen all have our vote.

    Where: 28, Main Market, Lodhi Colony

    Price: INR 2,000 for two {approx.}


    It’s turned out to be a premiere destination for middle eastern delicacies like Baklava, Dates with orange rind, and an array of desserts made with crisp phylo pastry and dollops of honey.

    Where: 70, Meher Chand Market

    Price: Depends on what you buy

    Devan’s Coffee

    Established in 1962, Devan’s is a popular destination for coffee connoisseurs in our city. They source their coffee from South India, and roast it fresh for their customers.

    Where: 131, New Khanna Market

    Price: Sold by weight of coffee


    For organic ingredients, snacks and groceries, click here and here for an entire list of stores situated in Lodhi.


    Play Clan

    Kitschy, eclectic, India inspired prints find a home at Play Clan. We’ve gifted many a Play-Clan cup, diary and boxers to friends visiting from other cities. Read more, here.

    Where: 17, Mehar Chand Market

    Contact: 011 24644393


    Hand crafted high-fashion bags that are a lovely mix of Avant Garde design and Indian craft. Our favourites are the metallic leather accessories combined with Kutch inspired embroideries.

    Where: Store Number 39, Mehar Chand Market

    Website here | Facebook Page here

    CMYK Bookstore

    They get brownie points for their exhaustive selection of coffee table books, and funky stationery.

    Where: 15-16, Mehar Chand Market

    Contact: 011 24641881

    Website here 

    Pia Pauro

    Bright colours, prints, and different drapes all make our wishlist, courtesy her fun and effervescent take on fashion.

    Where: 40, Mehar Chand Market

    Contact: 011 49052282

    Wonder Tailor 

    Primarily a men’s tailoring outlet, head over here for alterations and minor fixes.

    Where: 91-92, Mehar Chand  Market

    Contact: 011 24618703

    Shades of India

    A store for soft furnishings and fashion, the brand is popular for its collaborative creations, created between contemporary designers and traditional artisans.

    Where: 127, Mehar Chand Market

    Contact: 011 49053333


    If you’ve been a regular reader, you know we love our Taramay flats! The store also retails the designer Nayantara Sood’s new handbag collection.

    Where: 39, Mehar Chand Market

    Contact: 011 24648939


    A kidswear store, they retail a collection of clothes, blankets, totes and more, made from organic cottons, mulmul, ikat weaves, linens and wool, for children under the age of 10.

    Where: 38, Mehar Chand Market

    Contact: 011 4905022

    Crazy Daisy

    Their collection of hand-painted mugs {by in-house designers}, TATA’s rosette mugs, magazine baskets in dual tones, and mini bird cages make for great room accessories.

    Where: 24, Mehar Chand Market

    Contact: 011 46076566, 011 24645087

    Anuradha Ramam

    Be it kantha, kalamkari print, hand blocking or Ikat, each piece {sarees, stoles, tunics} from Anuradha Ramam has its own story. Experimental, but rooted in Indian tradition.

    Where: 89, Mehar Chand Market

    Contact: 011 26165401


    Masaba’s flagship store retails all her most iconic prints and patterns. Box tops with the cows, or blazers with hand prints, Masaba is currently fashion’s darling.

    Where: 103, Mehar Chand Market

    Contact: 011 24622565

    Cottons and Satins

    Must visit for contemporary home furnishings, textiles and home accessories. Our favourite is their quirky, bird print.

    Where: 48, Mehar Chand Market

    Facebook Page here

    The Home of the Traveller

    Luxury home accents with a global feel, available at affordable prices, curated by J.J Valaya. Our pick - the hand painted rice baskets from Thailand.

    Where: Mehar Chand Market

    Website here



    The Bookshop

    Functional since 1970, it has been described by NY times as the ‘cosiest bookshop in the country.’ They can also source books that are unavailable.

    Where: 13/7 Jor Bagh Market

    Contact: 011 24697102


    Nappa Dori

    A mix of leather and canvas, Nappa Dori is a testament to contemporary designs that support traditional styles and crafts. We’d spend on a Nappa Dori trunk, Artists Bag and inch tape.

    Where: 25, Mehar Chand Market

    Contact: 011 24622599


    Kim Brothers

    One of the best leather Laundromats in the city, it also customizes shoes.

    Where: 13/38059, Jor Bagh Market

    Contact: 011 24645174


    The ultimate destination for minimalist yet modern handloom clothing for women and men. Finally something for the boys! We heart their handspun and hand-woven shirts and jackets.

    Where: 54-55, Mehar Chand Market

    Website here | Facebook Page here


    Lodhi Road is a cultural haven. Delhi’s most popular and iconic cultural hubs find space along the aforementioned stretch. The India International Center - for talks, discussion and screenings; The India Habitat Centre - from Art to Theatre, IHC helps block your culture calendars; French Language School, Alliance Francaise; Seminar central Chinmaya Mission; and for an Islamic culture sampler - The Islamic Cultural Center. 


    One Too Many Salons | Dessange Paris and Affinity have opened shop here. Our go-to place for all mani-pedi dates is 1010 Nail Spa {click here to know more}. There’s also Shampoo @ 86, which is our pick for an overhaul.

    Artisanal Work and Handicrafts | We highly recommend a long walk through Mehar Chand Market – new stores are opening their doors every week, some of which are fantastic celebrations of our Country’s heritage and handicraft. From FabIndia and Soma, to Cottons & Satins, Karigiri and more, you’ll find plenty to explore and choose from.

    Lodi Road Train Station | Yes, it exists, and no, it’s not a museum! Another well-kept secret, the Lodi Train Station runs a daily circular train service as a part of the Delhi Suburban Railway Services.

    Where: Najafkhan Road

    Download the LBBD Lodhi Guide map here.