Guppy's Sunday Brunch Is A Lavish Affair Full Of Sushi & Wine

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Guppy’s Sunday brunch makes you feel pampered with fresh Japanese ingredients. It’s a favourite because it’s a table brunch {everything is prepared fresh} brought to you so you can sit for hours with family and friends.

Must Eat

Make sure you try EVERYTHING on the menu. Don’t try changing it to your preferences. Chef Vikram and his team make sure everything is perfect. And the reason I’m saying try everything is because we always end up choosing the meats over the veggies, but the vegetarian dishes just blew my mind!

The Sweet Potato Teriyaki skewers, Okonomiyaki and the Udon noodles with the exotic mushrooms were spectacular dishes.

Must Drink

Alcoholic drinks at a brunch just make it more fun. Opt for a bottle if you are sharing, and cocktails if you want only one drink:

Gari cocktail – Gari {Japanese ginger} infused vodka, really nice and light.

A bottle of wine – Spanish wines is what you should choose as they have a nice selection.

Melonblush Martini – watermelon, ginger and vodka {you could have a few of these}.

What We Loved

So I really loved the brunch because it doesn’t make you get up from your seat. You are served everything freshly prepared at your table.

You can always order for more of whatever you liked. We repeat ordered their amazingly fresh sushi and pork belly. The ambience is friendly, and they usually have a giveaway for kids who come and brunch with the family.

I also like it because they give you enough time and space to enjoy it, yet have lovely service and really take care of you if you are celebrating a special day.

Best Time to Visit

Go there early and sit and enjoy till 5pm!

Anything Else?

You must reserve a table before going there. It’s great fun for family brunches or even for couples who want to spend a nice long lazy lunch.