Gurgaon Just Got Sassy: Check Out Sassy Begum For Hyderabadi Food Done Well!


What Makes It Awesome

We’re pretty serious about our biryani around here and so when we say Sassy Begum’s biryani is one of the best we’ve tried, we mean it! They’ve been delivering food in South Delhi for a while now so it’s about time they ventured into Gurgaon! 

What we really love about the food from Sassy Begum is that with every bite, you can tell there’s a lot of patience and care (and love) that’s gone into making it. The flavourful food is so authentically Hyderabadi that we couldn’t stop at the biryani. We loved the haleem and mirchi ka saalan and don’t worry, vegetarians, their veg biryani is really good, too!


We totally recommend ordering up some delish biryanis from here for your next house party. Trust us, your guests will be thanking you for the unforgettable feast!