Lean, Green & Clean: Gurgaon's Organic Farmers' Market

Aditya posted on 14 August


The Organic Farmers’ Market in Gurgaon offers fresh, organic produce for patrons every Sunday morning. Get everything from capsicums, tomatoes, potatoes, pineapples and chillies, to fresh food and organic products.

This Is Corny

The open, square garden that hosts the market is surrounded by long tables draped in white cloth, with each displaying a mountain of fruit and vegetables. A couple of children squeal at one another and run underfoot, one holding a cucumber as a weapon. A few matriarchs walk around, squeezing a vegetable here, another there. A couple stands on the side, eating a plate of sambar-idli {organic, of course}.

It's Super Rad-ish

We sit with Manas Arvind, one of the organisers of the Organic Farmers Market, and discuss its origin. Sitting comfortably behind a table selling organic products, eating a healthy noodle pasta, Arvind describes how the farmers market was conceived in November, 2014. He passionately describes how the market is not a business enterprise but a community driven programme, by the people, for the people. As if on cue, to attest to the success of the market, a young man interrupts our conversation to say he has just started an organic farm on Sohna road and would like to join the market. With a knowing smile, Arvind excuses himself to talk to him.

There's A Chill-i In The Air

The Organic Farmers Market first began with a series of organic farming aggregators, but has slowly transitioned into individual local farmers selling their wares to Gurgaon locals. As of now the marketplace has more individual farmers, with the two aggregators being I Say Organic and Just Organik. Organic Express, the organic food experts, offers up delicious snacks for hungry shoppers- including sandwiches, sambar-idli, salad, pasta, and freshly squeezed juices.

If you’re looking forward to visiting this intimate and peaceful market try and get there early. With over 300 people coming through the area over three hours {and over 50% in the first hour}, remember: The early bird gets the worm!

Price: Varies from farmer to farmer

Find out more on their Facebook group here.