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Hello, Dream Vacay: Camp At This Beautiful Spot In Himachal

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    What Makes It Awesome

    H2O House in Chamba is an ancestral property that holds 100 years of history (and family stories) and is far from the main town. 

    There’ll be ample sunlight streaming in through the tents. The surrounding mountains will forever be in sight and you’ll be as close to a gushing water stream as you’ve ever been. The best part: It’s secluded and has no wi-fi connectivity.

    So, yes, like we said, the stay in tents will not cost a thing. There are, of course, other tiny investments you’re going to have to make through the stay. You’ll have to pay for meals (they start at INR 250) and firewood to keep you warm… No free lunches, remember? The food will mainly be satvik with locally sourced grains, veggies and cheese (yay!)

    They are even nice enough to arrange sleeping bags or mats in case you’ve underestimated the cold or are generally new to a camping experience.

    They love every kind of traveller, be it the recluses of the world, the seasoned solo-bird, the music lover, the hardcore biker, the writer, the adventurous family or a little, broke gang (they’ve got one tent that can take four folks). In the afternoon, you can soak up the sun by the river and spend hours fishing. The catch of the day can then make it to your lunch table right by the stream. We, for one, love the idea.

    You can sign up for a bunch of treks, go for a special heritage walk to explore the village, opt for a local meal with a Gujjar family nearby or just sit by the stream and read a book. In short, it strikes us as just the kind of place where you can get your mojo back.

    Price: INR 2K and up per night.