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Show Your Hair Some Love With This Brand’s Silk Products!

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Hair Love

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What Makes It Awesome

I hate frizzy hair, I hate oily hair and I hate dry hair. I’ll be honest, I only like my hair post blow-dry but that’s even more damaging so I went looking for some products online that would save me from the frizz (I also hate humidity just FYI.) Silk-made accessories are better for hair so I’m glad I found Hair Love. They’ve got an entire range of silk and satin scrunchies, headbands, pillowcases in pretty colours to fight frizzy hair. 

There’s less friction involved when you use silk or satin on your hair and it starts with your pillow cover. Rougher materials can cause friction which can lead to split ends and frizzy hair. I got one Satin Case in a neutral pink so it’d match most of my bedsheets. It really did make a difference because I woke up without a severe case of bedhead. I also got a Scrunchie Set and I liked that it didn’t feel too tight on my head and it didn’t leave me with an awkward ponytail bump when I opened my hair after a few hours. 

I don’t need a bonnet but they have a ton of those for different hair lengths to preserve the look of your curls and keep your hair feeling fresh for longer (no more daily shampoos.) They also have a lot of cute, printed headbands in a few different styles that you can check out if you love hair accessories to match your OOTD. 

Price: INR 650 onwards for a Satin Pillowcase, INR 395 onwards for Scrunchie Sets, INR 784 onwards for Hair Bonnets

What Could Be Better

Some of the products are a little pricey, like the scrunchies or only getting a single pillow cover for INR 650 instead of at least a pair. 


If you have sensitive or acne-prone skin, silk and satin pillow covers are a better choice for your skin, too, since they absorb less moisture and dirt from your skin that you could be exposing your skin to all night (and during your midday naps.)