All So Unique: Get Chill Rugs, Ikat Olaf Bull Heads & More To Perk Up Your Pad


    What Makes It Awesome

    After winning our hearts with its summer dresses, Vajor strikes back with a stunning range of home decor that’s fresh and fabulous. If you’re looking at cool cat cutlery holders, glass jugs, offbeat wall hangings, cushion covers, drink dispensers and boho hammocks… look no further. 

    Devil's in the details - there’s so much stuff calling out to us that we almost wish we hadn’t seen it because now, there’s no going back and we’re guilty of a cart half full. Who could have thought that their modest college jholas could be used as hipster planters? Or that a Garden Of Eden wall art is all it’d take to give our study table extra edge? Want to know a secret? We came to Vajor for the hammocks but stayed on for their Chase The Light Lamp that’ll light up our dull days. If you’re a little more meticulous and don’t mind going that extra mile, their Tiffany Glass Jug, jars, crockery and beverage mugs make up a stunning case for kitchenware.

    The prices are on the higher end, but if you’re looking at a one-off addition to revamp your space, it’s got the coolest conversation starters ever. And once you're done obsessing over their home decor, you can go back to browsing through their off-beat collection of clothing. Breezy Drifter shirts for men to Persian printed skirts for women, you will find the perfect clothes to add to your summer wardrobe. 

    Price: INR 399 onwards 


    Regularly keep a check on their Sale section, you might find something from your wishlist at a much lower price there. Orders can be placed online through their website and oh yes, they ship across India so yay!