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Drive This Way: Hamoni Golf Camp in Gurgaon

Aditi posted on 06 November

Ten-Second Takeaway

Hamoni Golf Camp is a beautiful 17-acre property, made up of a driving range and a nine-hole course. It offers after-school training camps for children, as well as individual and group coaching lessons for adults.

What's different

Golf isn’t exactly an inclusive sport. Typically a person has to crack a club membership, which isn’t light on the pocket or necessarily easy to do!

Sometimes though, all you need to get started is one single golf club, a patch of green with some holes in the ground, and a set of golf balls. And herein lies the genius of Hamoni Golf Academy–if that is your level of commitment to the sport, then that’s that.

What we learned

Hamoni lets you access their facilities with a day pass. You can hire a club for as low as INR 50 {for children, women and for left-handed players too}. A bag of 50 golf balls can be rented at just INR 100, prepping you to start practicing that swing from any one of their 105 bays. They offer lessons for beginners {some as young as four years old!} and even for more seasoned players.

What we loved

We love Hamoni for its impeccable facilities, its vision of democratising sport, the 60 odd teak trees scattered throughout the property and for the white tent-covered eatery with delicious nibbles and jazz, perfectly suited for the first evening light.

Hamoni plans to host a Children’s Winter Carnival tentatively on 22nd November, 2015. Details will be up on their website and social media pages, so watch that space!

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