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    Threadcasa combines Indian handcrafted prints and contemporary bag designs like a dream and you’ve got to check out their latest collection!

    Bag The Bohemian

    Remember the colourful jhola bags we used to pair with kurtas and jeans back in college? {Or you might still be in college and we could be the only ones turning older by the second}. Our first look at ThreadCasa bags reminded us of those, except these bags have a better finish {the leather straps and handles may have something to do with it} that make them appropriate even for fun office spaces, especially if you have a bit of a bohemian, tribal style going on.

    What Did We Like?

    Handcrafted to look trendy and stylish, these bags provide the joy of fashion and rich culture of India. Using a variety of jacquard fabrics, uber cute colour combinations and Indian prints including mirror work, phulkari prints, block prints, ikat and even tie & dye, the bags by Threadcasa are cute, functional and bear to be repeated. The designs come in sizes a many: a tote that you can stuff unto death for work, a crossover bag that works for just a book and the necessities and clutches {can’t miss out on their bags with cute pom poms and tassels!}

    Anything Else?

    Check out some of their stuff from their latest collection at LBB Specials!

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      Available Online