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    Handmade, Sculptural Jewellery by Manifest Design

    Rashi posted on 18 March

    Ten-Second Takeaway

    Manifest Design is a jewellery line comprising earrings, necklaces, and pendants, all following an artisanal handmade production process. The collection is simple, understated, timeless, and wearable across outfits and times of day.

    Understated Statements

    In a day and age when statement jewellery pieces are paired to complement an otherwise understated outfit, Manifest Design takes the route of understated statements, one timeless jewellery piece at a time. The idea was to create authentic meaningful designs that would fall in the everyday wearable bracket.

    Each ornament is handmade, the inspiration varied but always interesting. Think gnarled corals, sensuous vines, rock sculptures, urban art, and opera. They do the staple necklaces, earrings and bracelets, all of which undergo the same process of production. You’ll notice slight variations and infrequencies in the finish, all testimony to each product being handcrafted. Over all, the design sensibility and aesthetic is leaning towards classic, timeless and casual, with heavy tribal, almost medieval, influences. And the bumps and kinks in pieces only add to their overall appeal.

    Twist of Totem

    If you’re looking for permanent pieces of jewellery, or a pendant you can wear at all times, here’s probably where you’ll get lucky. For bracelets, they’re almost medieval gladiator reminiscent, but slim, so they don’t overwhelm small wrists.

    Bookmark the Quarry Cuff and Ribbon Cuff, both of which are super versatile. The pendants are hands down our favourite part of the collection, especially the set of 3 Totem Pendants {Inception, anyone?}. We’re leaning towards the longer chained pendants; since the pendants are a smidge bulky, they tend to sit better on long chains. Their earring collection comprises dangler, hoop, twist, and drop earrings. The Totem Hoop Earrings in silver and gold are winners.

    PS: They’ve even started a jewellery line for men now!

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    Price: Starting at INR 650

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    Manifest Design