This Beer Is Happiness Bottled In A Big Yellow Can

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What Makes It Awesome

If there is anything that makes this scorching blistering summer mildly smile inducing, it is a nice tall glass of a frothy brew, and homegrown new kid on the block - Happy by Thirsty is just that!

Dive into its summery floral and citrus-y notes. It's easy, balanced and very refreshing, and will transport you to the seaside, for that perfect fun filled beach holiday!

We also love the zing it gets with a generous squeeze of lime and are already rummaging through our larder for cocktail possibilities.

What's My Pro Tip

This beer is an ideal accompaniment to all your favourite fried chakna of course, but the smooth and balanced palate ensures that you can also team it up with grilled seafood, summer salads, deli sandwiches or even classic wok tossed greens.

Anything Else

Happy by Thirsty can be ordered across select outlets of the Beer Cafe, Chatter House, Soda Bottle Openerwala and Guppy by Ai amongst others.
Alternatively, you could just pick it up for yourself at select wine and beer shops.

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