Ten-Second Takeaway

One of our favourite Chinese delivery places, Happy Hakka has recently added a bunch of things to their menu including meal boxes, soya chaap wings, wholewheat momo and more.

Comfort Food At Its Best

We’ve been avid fans of Happy Hakka for a while now and whereas they offer a whole range of appetisers, soups and mains, it’s the meal bowls we turned to each time.

They’ve further expanded this concept by offering meal boxes in an array of options. We usually start with the Chilli Bites {this comes in chicken and paneer and is your standard chilli chicken but done so very well}.

What’s New?

190816_happy-haka-%22am%2219Some of their new entrees include Chicken Pops {drumsticks} which come with a spicy chilli dim sum sauce, chicken wings and something exciting for the vegetarians- Soya Chaap Wings.

They’re also playing around with their momo; they now have wholewheat ones and Spicy Samurai momo {these are garnished with red chillies}. They also have a crispy Wai Wai, Thai Soul Curry, Kung Pao Panda and Emperor’s Hot Pot- all available in vegetarian, chicken and fish variants.

The Slurpy Fish Khow Suey comprises a beautiful coconut milk-based curry with chunks of broccoli and fish thrown in, served with a topping of peanuts and burnt garlic. It may not be the khow suey from The Kitchen but it’s pretty good considering it’s takeout.

Condiments FTW

Happy Hakka sends everything packaged neatly in plastic boxes and makes it a point to send suitable cutlery {they even send soup spoons} along with little eyedropper-looking bottles of vinegar and chilli soya.

Their chilli paste and spring onion sauce is the bee’s knees. Please generously dab it over all your food.

#LBBTip: If we were you, we’d always choose the noodle option over the rice; they’ve sent us steamed Basmati rice the last two-three times and this doesn’t gel too well with the Asian curries.

Photos: Anand Mohapatra/LBB