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No Book, No Cry: Celebrate Harry Potter Day With These Magical Gifts

Bhavika posted on 03 August

Hey, you: Has your newsfeed been inundated by news of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, or conversations overtaken by your Harry Potter-crazed friend? You wonder what these hollows they keep talking about are and wtf is you-know-poo?

Make your Potterhead friend super happy with these easy breezy gifts to give them.

The Deathly Hallows Keychain

This is going to be their pass to the inner circle of Hogwarts, and they won’t thank you enough.

Price: INR 149

Buy it here.

Time-Turner Necklace

You can’t turn back time and make up for the day you forgot her birthday, but we honestly think that this will greatly increase your odds.

Price: INR 349 {after discount}

Buy it here.

Illustrated Edition of The Philosopher’s Stone

Of course, this Potter-lover has read the first book already, don’t ask impertinent questions like these. This is the illustrated colour edition of the same, and that makes all the difference.

Price: INR 909

Buy it here.

The Magic Tray

Dumbledore was right, words are our most inexhaustible source of magic, but you’ll find soon enough that unexpected gifts are too.

Price: INR 699 {after discount}

Buy it here.

The Marauders Notebook

We solemnly swear that this notebook is the gift you’ve been looking for. Really.

Price: INR 349 {after discount}

Buy it here.

Harry Potter-Everything Kit

A wand, Harry’s glasses, Dumbledore’s Army badge, an awaited ticket for the Hogwarts Express, the always-wanted letter of acceptance from Hogwarts and Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans and three bottles of potions. Say no more and look no further.

Price: INR 1,950

Buy it here.

Harry Potter Cake

The duel should remain between Harry Potter and You-Know-Who, and not your Potterhead and cake, so go forth, get some cake and prepare for some magical birthday feasting.

Price: Starts at INR 4,599

Order it here.

Platform 9 and 3 Quarters Poster

A cute poster to put up on their wall, and hope that they won’t run into with a trolley and an owl.

Price: INR 299

Buy it here.

The Sorted Notebook

Choose this notebook, noble gifter, and you’re going to sorted into their favourite person category.

Price: INR 149

Buy it here.

Gryffindor T-shirt

A 100 points to you if you choose their favourite house T-shirt for them!

Price: INR 499

Buy it here.

Gryffindor’s Scarf

You won’t just stop at the T-shirt, will you? Don’t be too appalled if they’re only going to be dressing up as a student from a fantastical school from now on. Everybody has their quirks; that’s why you love them.

Price: INR 699

Buy it here.

Mischief Managed.